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My Piece of Paradise
Writing is life

I have a huge collection of quotes and poetry and nowhere to post them, so I figured a website was the best way to share everything with whoever happens upon this site.

This is mainly a site to post quotes, but I will be updating with my poetry as the mood hits me.

There are going to be quotes ranging from depression to my favorite lines from TV shows.  I hope you take the time to muddle your way through all this, it's helped me a lot through the years, I'm hoping it will help you too.  Quotes are not just meaningless, they make us feel less alone, like maybe we're not the only one dealing with something.  So enjoy them, learn from them, and pass them on.

I'll be sure to update whenever I can, things are going to be crazy since I'm in college, though.


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Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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