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My Piece of Paradise
More Than Friends Quotes

Thats it. Thats how it ends. No looking back, no holding back. No goodbyes. and no smiles. Because, thats life. You dont get a chance to ever really tell someone how you feel because you never have the guts until its too late. And you dont realize just how much you love them until you lose them. Not until that last second do you understand how imcomplete you are without them, how incomplete you're always gonna be. She tried to live, but she never forgot him, always thought about him, partied like crazy, and never fell in love again. He, on the other hand, forgot her, and never called her again. She never found someones hands to fit quite as perfectly as his hand, and no one ever made her smile quite the way he did. No one could fill that hole in her heart, not even she could. And she rarely, if ever, even got a hello from him, so she just gave up, She knew she'd never see him again, and she just closed her eyes and wished him away. She made it like she didn't even know he existed but he was always in the back of her mind.. Always....
People always talk about the moment they fell for their best friend.  There never was a moment for me and mine.  I've always loved him- Michelle Burns
Of course everyone loves their friends, but with him it's different.  I can't explain it, it's just...different.

I saw them standing there pretending to be just friends, when all the time in the world could not pry them apart.


He was never my boyfriend, but I miss his hugs, his smiles, his advice, his love, his kindness, the times we cried together, and the times we laughed together. I guess I fell in love with our friendship.


Sometimes, when you imagine a perfect guy, you realize you've described a person you've known forever.


It was just you and me. Two friends. And then with a simple look, my hand fell into yours.


I am perfectly happy being his friend, in fact I love it... I just have this incredible urge to kiss him, that doesn't go away… and this feeling that we would be perfect together


You think you know me well as a friend...You say you understand me...You claim you can read my mind, predict my moods, sense my feelings...So why don't you realize that I’m so in love with you?


You're not my friend; friends don't look at each other like we do


Damnit! Can't you see!? Our love for each other is so different. You want to protect me and care for me and be there for me as only a friend can be. And I don’t want to be friends! I want you to hold me and love me, really love me, love me in ways only people who love each other can, people who can't live without each other can. And why??? Because I can’t live without you, because you are my first thought in the morning and my last thought before I go to bed. And because when I am not with you my heart hurts, It hurts!!! And I can't live with that pain.- in_the_shadows7 (on bolt)


I know they say that a girl and guy can be best friends without anything between them but it just isn’t true. At some point they will fall for one another. If we’d said how we’d felt would we have been good together? If we had broken up, would we still be friends? Is it any use wondering now? I’ll always deeply regret the fact we never told each other how we felt. We would have been perfect together, I promise. But we’ve moved on, I guess, and we’ll only ever be friends. I’ll always love you so much more than I should and forever dream of how we could have lived. I’ll watch you fall in and out of love from my little chair in the corner of your mind as you watch me do the same, whilst sitting in the corner of mine. One day we’ll look at each other and smile, realizing that a friendship is worth more than regret because if I can’t have you as my friend, my life is not worth living.-punkyfairydude  (on bolt)


You made me hurt.  I loved you but I was so scared of losing you that I never said anything.  I let myself think we could never be more than friends.  I made my heart fall away.  But why now, as I fall for someone else, do you turn to me and tell me that I could have had so much more?- punkyfairydude (on bolt)


You walk by me everyday and say hello. Everyday you take time out to listen to me. You talk to me, smile at me, laugh with me, and have fun with me. Well I talk, smile and laugh too, but inside I'm hurting. Deep down it hurts to be with you because I love you and you are only a friend.


You're so afraid to continue what we have. You know something's there. You feel just as much as I do when you touch me. You like it as just much as I do when you kiss me. It's just you're pulling away now because you know that if you don't pull away soon, you might find yourself falling in love, and I don't think you're prepared for that.


It hurts to fall in love with a friend. You keep on hiding your feelings, avoiding it as mush as possible, till you cry your heart out of fear of losing a friend and a love you never really had


You eased the pain when I faked the wound, you calmed me down when I faked the mood, you were instantly there when I faked the call, but why didn't you catch me? I didn't fake the fall.


So everyone asks whatever happened to us, the two best friends that were crazy about each other, I always answer with that you were crazy and walked away from it all.


Did you ever lay your hand down on the shoulder of a good friend and then had to look away, somehow had to hide the way you felt for them. Have you ever prayed the day would come you'd hear them say they felt it too. Did you ever love someone who never knew?


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