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My Piece of Paradise
Rhyming Poems

I have written these all myself, so if you choose to pass them on or use them somewhere else credit them to Jenny Leigh...thanks

Harsh Words, High Emotions
We'd known each other for so long
Depended on each other year after year
We weren't as close as we had been
But still, our friendship was clear.
We had separate groups of friends
Different ways to spend our days
Constantly disagreed on things
But respected the other's ways.
Over a year continued on
We continued to drift away
Neither of us could stop it
There was nothing to say.
You'd moved on
And so had I
We still talked
Or at least we'd try.
But things were not the same
We were different people inside
Betrayals and lies uncovered
Fractured hearts we couldn't hide.
Tears travelled phone lines
As we attempted to heal the pain
But after these drunken confessions
The rift would always remain.
Everything is forgiven
What a hopeful lie
I tried to ignore it all
But I had to wonder why.
Harsh words, high emotions
The fight was never mine
I was just a by-stander
Hardly worth your time.
Wounded, disappointed, hurt
But for the first time angered too
Maybe you never heard or noticed
But I had done nothing but defend you.
Your actions didn't even phase me
I wasn't angry until you looked me in the eye
Muttered words of anger, hate, and annoyance
As I sat stunned and ready to cry.
In that split second I realized
You are not the person I knew
I can't lose this friendship
But I feel like I've already lost you.

The Laughs


We’ve walked these high school halls for four years of our lives,

Making friends, enemies, and memories, just trying to survive.

Looking back on them now, a smile lights my tear stained face,

For it is through the laughs, not the tears, that I’ll remember this place.


There were fights with Cusamano at least once a day,

A twisty-tie in our scrambled eggs that somehow turned out okay,

We learned spaghetti really does stick to the ceiling when it’s done,

And that Audrey’s version of Spanish-o was definitely more fun.


We had paint fights at float meetings, and glitter fights too,

Learned to drive with Simmons and somehow made it through,

We thought we were being sneaky shaving creaming my cousin’s car,

Too bad his revenge left my precious Saturn with an ugly scar.


Every time we tried to rebel, the car would somehow stall,

Kahla tripped in Calculus before we could break her fall,

Allor almost got a pie right on top of her head,

Unfortunately, that Christmas, the TV got it instead.


We caused the big grease fire of freshman year,

Found out shrimp was one of Jessi’s greatest fears,

Stephen has mooned us all at least once; it’s true,

We even saw a rhino pee on our senior trip to the zoo.


We wondered what someone was thinking when they first milked a cow,

“Well, people always needed calcium,” Lindsay figured somehow,

We ate an entire cheesecake once at Driver’s Ed,

And toilet papered Dewey as soon as he went to bed.


There were trips to get ice cream with Mal not quite strapped in,

Erica tried to kayak but only managed to crazily spin,

Nicky ate a stick of butter for five bucks and some change,

And when we were alone together we acted kind of strange.


As you can see it’s been four completely crazy years in this little town,

Making and keeping friends that would never think of letting me down,

And the stories we’ve made will stay with me until I die,

Because it is the laughs that make it so hard to say goodbye.

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