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My Piece of Paradise
Everything Fall Out Boy

So I've realized recently that I have an acute Fall Out Boy obsession... here's some lyrics for those of you that share my sickness
I'm always the last to know. My insides are copper and I'd kill to make them gold. Conversation got me here: another night alone in the city. So make my bed the grave and shovel dirt onto my sheets." - Fall Out Boy (sending postcards from a plane crash (wish you were here))
you want apologies, girl, you might hold your breath until your breathing stops forever, forever. the only thing you'll get is this curse on your lips: i hope they taste of me forever." - fall out boy (chicago is so two years ago)

why can you read me like no one else? I hide behind these words but I'm coming out." - fall out boy (it's not a side effect of the cocaine. i am thinking it must be love)

I spent most of last night dragging this lake for the corpses of all my past mistakes. sell me out- the jokes on you. we are salt- you are the wound. empty another bottle and let me tear you to pieces. this is me wishing you into the worst situations. i'm the kind of kid that can't let anything go, but you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat." - fall out boy (my heart is the worst kind of weapon)

your remorse hasn't fallen on deaf ears, rather ones that just don't care.- fall out boy (my heart is the worst kind of weapon)

the gifts you're receiving from me will be: one awkward silence and two hopes you cry yourself to sleep staying up, waiting by the phone and all I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me before you bury yourself alive.- fall out boy (yule shoot your eyes out)

When the routine bites hard and ambitions are low, and the resentment rides high but emotions won't grow, and we're changing our ways; taking different roads. Then love, love will tear us apart again. - fall out boy (love will tears us apart)

This is me standing in the arch of the door hating that look that's on your face that says there's another fool like me. There's one born every minute.- fall out boy (calm before the storm)

I hate the way you say my name like it's something secret. My pen is the barrel of the gun. Remind me which side you should be on.- fall out boy (the pros and cons of breathing)

i wish i could be as invisible as you make me feel.- fall out boy (the pros and cons of breathing)

my heart is on my sleeve; wear it like a bruise or blackeye. my badge, my witness that means that i believed every single lie you said. - fall out boy (chicago is so two years ago)
We're only liars, but we're the best- Fall Out Boy (Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued)

I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive (now I only waste my time dreaming of you)- Fall Out Boy (Of All the Gin Joints In All the World)

I've got headaches and bad luck, but they couldn't touch you- Fall Out Boy (Of All the Gin Joints In All the World)

I'm two quarters and a heart down, and I don't want to forget how your voice sounds- Fall Out Boy (Dance, Dance)

Drink up, it's last call, last resort, but only the first mistake- Fall Out Boy (Dance, Dance)

Drop a heart and break a name- Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We're Goin Down)

I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song- Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We're Goin Down)

If you say this makes you happy, then I'm not the only one lying- Fall Out Boy (Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner)

The hand behind this pen relives a failure everyday- Fall Out Boy (Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner)

I'll be your best kept secret, and your biggest mistake- Fall Out boy (Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner)

We're the kids who feel like dead ends, and I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses- Fall Out boy (I've got a dark alley and a bad idea that sasy you should shut your mouth (summer song))

I'm hopelessly hopeful, that you're just hopeless enough- Fall Out Boy(I've got a dark alley and a bad idea that sasy you should shut your mouth (summer song))

The only thing worse than not knowing, is you thinking that I don't know- Fall Out Boy (7 minutes in heaven)

Are we growing up or just going down?- Fall Out Boy (Sophomore slump or comeback of the year)

I swear I'd burn this city down to show you the light-Fall Out Boy(Sophomore slump or comeback of the year)

No matter what they say, don't believe a word. Cause I'll keep singing this lie if you'll keep believing it- Fall Out Boy (Sophomore slump or comeback of the year)

the best part of "believe" is the "lie"-Fall Out Boy (Sophomore slump or comeback of the year)

They say "You want a war? You've got a war", but what are you fighting for?-Fall Out Boy (Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends)

Progress report: I am missing you to death- Fall Out Boy (I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me)

I don't blame you for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it- Fall Out Boy (a little less sixteen candles, a little more "touch me")

And it's mind over (you don't) matter- Fall Out Boy (Get busy living or get busy dying (do your part to save the scene and stop going to shows))

Love never wanted me, but I took it anyway- Fall Out Boy (XO)
Some Pete Wentz-isms

never meant for it to become what it did in so many different ways.- Pete Wentz

things were much simpler when the van only went so far. before i had to press a picture of her and paste it on dashes and inside of bunks everywhere. i cant explain how i got here. it doesn’t make any sense. she could follow the articles and videos or my pieced together stories. or a dog. or a dream. or words that make half sense sent in the middle of the night. and even when I’m telling the truth it doesn’t matter cause the phone is always dead. and i am always 30,000 feet in the air flying somewhere. but i keep the warmest memories close to my heart even when im at payphones and want to cut my insides out, dry them up and mail them to her. "im sorry" doesn’t matter anymore. the words have no meaning.- Pete Wentz

i love walking into dusty rooms where you can feel the electricity of what will happen that night. or the condensation on the floor afterwards from what just transpired. you cant capture this in a photograph, song, movie, video or review. they all fall short.- Pete Wentz

love, the stagecoach always turns back into a pumpkin- Pete Wentz

sometimes love is about getting even. but sometimes it is about how you are the sun and nothing can shine quite as bright as you.- Pete Wentz

"don’t you want to get better"- i just don’t want you to worry. "don’t you want to get better" - tonight i do. the way they say "you’re committing slow suicide" when someone lights up or cuts loose. but aren’t we all. everything we do just shortens our life, every breath is one less. but its what makes everything so treasured.- Pete Wentz

i love you in a holding back your hair kind of way.- Pete Wentz

There are cobwebs on the zippers of all my jeans (why don't you give a fuck).--pete wentz

That thing aint beating in your chest, its counting down.--pete wentz

your love would be hell, but it's just not hot enough baby- pete wentz

try and right these wrongs, but it's funny how the same wrongs helped me write these songs- pete wentz

i'm dying to not give up on this- pete wentz

swear to shake it up if you swear to listen- pete wentz

sometimes when you're feeling this blue, the right smile can save you- pete wentz

there is nothing like experiencing failure at the speed of light- pete wentz

we always just wanted to sit in between the speakers in your bedroom and spin you to sleep- pete wentz

it's time to be the dreamer instead of the dream- pete wentz

dream yourself to life- pete wentz

would it be forward of me to say i'm the best you'll (n)ever have?- pete wentz

i'm a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart- pete wentz

Phenylethylamine (PEA), the chemical responsible for the swooning and feelings of adoration, is structurally similar to cocaine. Most people choose cocaine over love when given the chance.
I wouldn?t say that?s a bad choice. The endorphins released during infatuation are similar to heroin; only they don?t make you skinny and pale. Oxytocin, ?the cuddling hormone? most often found in new mothers and newlyweds, are like ecstasy- every touch feels a bit tinglier. Love exists in a bottle. In a syringe. I want mine diluted with water.- pete wentz

to my favorite liar: you were always/never just a line in a song.- pete wentz

we're not just falling in love anymore, we're demanding it- pete wentz

we're not just taking trips down memory lane, we're broken down on it- pete wentz

your mind is writing checks your heart can't cash- pete wentz

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